ScInObs : Science, Innovation and underwater observatories

The ScInObs New Caledonia PIE project was born out of discussions in the framework of the Franco-Japanese maritime dialogue between the Jamstec and Ifremer. The projet elements were discussed in September 2019 in Noumea during a workshop bringing together the main stakeholders from Ifremer and Jamstec, but also stakeholders from New Caledonia. The objective for ScInObs New Caledonia is therefore to develop and manage a sustainable observatory project in the South West Pacific.

Created in 2014, the Coral Sea Natural Park (CSNP) covers the entire EEZ of New Caledonia, i.e. 1.3 million km². It has a rich biodiversity with many deep-sea habitats such as seamounts in the south, and active submarine volcanoes and deep trenches in the eastern part. New Caledonia has chosen to focus its economic development on the preservation of this natural wealth. The ScInObs New Caledonia project is fully in line with this concern.

The project’s objectives are the following :

Seamount studies

A scientific cruise is taking place in May 2023 as part of the ScInObs project and aims to deploy mooring lines. More information about the KASEAOPE-1 cruise can be found in this video: 

KASEAOPE-1 cruise video

Study of the Matthew and Hunter zone