MARMOR: Marine Advanced geophysical Research equipment and Mayotte multidisciplinary Observatory for research and Response

The MARMOR project has been endorsed as part of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030 and is attached to One Ocean Network for Deep Observation action.

MARMOR has 2 objectives: 

First, to structure the French scientific community under the umbrella of Résif-Epos (the French research infrastructure for seismology and geodesy) by providing the mobile equipment required to advance the study of the earth deformation, seismicity, tsunamis, volcanism and the study of several key environmental issues in the ocean and coastal areas.

Second, to develop a cabled seafloor observatory to monitor the ongoing submarine seismo-volcanic crisis that started in May 2018 offshore of Mayotte and to conduct multi-disciplinary research on the related geo-bio physical and chemical processes.

ScInObs will contribute to the MARMOR project through the procurements of instruments to be installed in the "horseshoe zone" (site M1 on the diagram below).