Citizen Science: Ocean Spy & Deep-Sea Street Art

Ocean Spy

Ocean Spy is a platform dedicated to image annotation by citizens for the study of marine ecosystems.

Internet users will have access to diversified images of different marine habitats and species and will be able to participate in their analysis through attractive interfaces and adapted functionalities. The project is based on collaboration between scientists and citizens: the engagement of citizens makes it possible to help scientists with data acquisition and the development of “big data” analysis methods based on artificial intelligence (AI). Therefore, citizens actively contribute to improving the understanding of these environments. This project provides knowledge through science and raises awareness among the general public.

Users can discover deep-sea geysers located at a depth of over 1500 m in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, cold water coral reefs in submarine canyons at 1000 m depth, or the biodiversity of the Bay of Brest.

The project is endorsed as a UN Ocean Decade action.

Deep Sea Street Art

In January 2024, we gathered 12 graduate students from The Interdisciplinary Graduate School for the Blue Planet (ISblue) specialised in marine science and technology for an Art & Science project. The idea was to reveal wonders of the dark side of the ocean through street art, an art form that also has an obscure connotation. 

Check out the process of the project and the art gallery here!

The project is funded by The Interdisciplinary Graduate School for the Blue Planet (ISblue).